Our company 

Walter Schimmel GmbH & Co.KG is a medium-size enterprise, today managed in the third generation. The company was founded in the year 1952, in the periphery of the renowned Leitzwerke, one of the most important industrial firms in the Gießen-Wetzlar region in the German state of Hesse at that time. The high quality standards characteristic of the optical instruments produced by Leitz had a formative effect on our notion of quality consciousness from the very beginning, and the further development of this quality mindedness has always been one of our main concerns.

Today we are using around 2,000 sqm of production area to house 27 CNC machines for the production of pre-finished precision turned and milled parts, components and assemblies. We put to work all our experience, qualification and expertise to provide to you our expert technical consulting with a special focus on manufacturing. This enables us to meet your growing demands and requirements at any time.

One of our principles is our readiness to engage in long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers and to convince you by our commitment to reliability and quality. Our credo is:

High-quality products at competitive prices!


We are located here:
Werrastrasse 8
35625 Hüttenberg

06403 - 6403 9077-0


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